World Environment Day

World Environment Day

Adam Kurniawan Library, President University – World Environment Day (WED), also known as Eco Day is widely celebrated on 5th June every year all over the world. According to the UN General Assembly in 1972, this day laid importance to take measures to save our environment in order to give a better life to our future generation. It was first held in 1974 and has grown to become a public platform with a theme “Only One Earth”. The activities are selected according to the new host country every year. The first host country was United States and the host country for 2017 is Canada with the theme “Connecting People to Nature-in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator”. This theme is to appreciate nature’s beauty and how closely we depend on it.

World Environment Day carries great importance as it was started to address environmental issues that threaten our ecosystems ranging from pollution, deforestation, climate change, natural resource depletion, over-exploitation, global warming and many others. Too often it’s difficult to value Nature’s gifts in monetary terms. Therefore, protecting our nature is the main objective of every human being in today’s era. The significance of nature in our life is immeasurable and therefore it is time we spread awareness globally, so that each one can play his role and contribute to the development of our society.

World Environment Day is celebrated in many countries such as New Zealand, Spain, Kenya, Poland and United States. Several activities are conducted, on this day that includes tree planting, street rallies, to raise voice against wildlife crime, clean up campaigns etc. In schools and colleges, students get involved in many positive activities and prepare colourful posters to increase the importance of saving our environment.  The symbols of World Environment Day are usually pictures of natural resources or Earth and the colours of nature like blue, green or brown are chosen for various campaigns. This year’s theme is the message aimed to connect people to nature and focus on the importance of the healthy and green environment in the human lives.

Eco Day, is thus celebrated to make a common man aware about the value of nature and its gifts to people. It encourages people, despite their caste and creed, to be an active participant in building right measures for the safety of the environment. It is the time to be active and hold hands together and make Earth a better place to live. Encourage people to make their surroundings safe and clean to enjoy safer, cleaner and more flourishing future. It is the perfect excuse to get outside and get active! We have only one planet to live on, it is our home and only we are accountable to maintain its natural beauty forever. Let us together celebrate eco-friendly development in our country and save our environment for a better future.


Adam Kurniawan Library as the library institution, we also want to celebrate the World Environment Day. To celebrate it, we already pick some movies clip.. These movies will be shown at Adam Kurniawan Library starting from June 4 to 5. Let’s check out the movie list below :

Monday, June 4th 2018

  1. Environment Day Awareness video 2017 HD
  2. Happy World Environment Day 2017
  3. Hari Lingkungan Hidup – Aerial
  4. Hari Lingkungan Hidup Sedunia

Tuesday, June 5th 2018

  1. Menyatu Dengan Alam – Hari Lingkungan Hidup 2017
  2. Save Environment – Cel Animation, Animated Short Story, video,Film  for kids and all
  3. The Forest ‘Fantastic Short Film’
  4. Why Our Planet Earth Is Dying ( World Environment Day 2017 Special)
  5. World environment day slogans – save the environment

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