Library Clearance

Library Clearance

We hereby inform you that for students who have completed their studies but have not submitted their CD to the library, that in order to get Clearance from Library, you need to:
1. Submit 1 CD of the Thesis to the library and include the following scans:

a. Approval Sheet (fully signed)

b. Originality Sheet (signed)

c. Recommendation Sheet (if any, signed)

d. Publication Handover Sheet (signed)

e. Advisor Approval Sheet for publication in the journal / repository (signed)

f. The results of the turnitin similarity check

2. Do not have book loans or late fees for returning books

3. Submit book donation:

a. New and original book

b. The book’s topic must related with student major

c. The publishing year, minimal last three years

d. Indonesian or english version

e. Submitted the book to librarian

f. Fill the book donation form

* Link for statement originality (b), scientific publication (d) and advisor approval for publication in journal/repository:

** Link for Books Donation: