Anti Drug Day

Anti Drug Day

Adam Kurniawan Library, President University – On World Drug Day, tomorrow, 26 June. The world will commemorate the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, an occasion to drive home the message that drug use can take a heavy toll on health and well-being.

Today, however, there is an alarming new drug problem. Now there are many kinds. Demand has soared for substances not under international control, which are posing significant public health challenges. They are caught up with the environment that is damaging them.

Everyone has a part to play in protecting the youth of the world from dangerous substances. UNODC leads the World Drug Campaign to raise awareness about the major challenge that illicit drugs pose to society as a whole, and especially to young people.  The campaign aims to mobilize support and inspire people to act against drug abuse.

For the younger generation, let’s unite our ranks fighting against drugs. Embrace and educate the public about the dangers of DRUGS!

If not you who cares who else?

FRIENDS, please stay away from DRUGS! Life is beautiful without drugs. Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life!


Adam Kurniawan Library as the library institution, we also want to celebrate the World Anti-Drug Day. To celebrate it, we already pick some movies clip.. These movies will be shown at Adam Kurniawan Library starting from June 25 to 26. Let’s check out the movie list below :

Monday, June 25th 2018

  1. UN highlights International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking with detailed survey
  2. June 26 International Anti Drugs – BlueBird Documentary
  3. Thailand Today 174 – International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking 2018
  4. NAPZA
  5. Narkoba?

Tuesday, June 26th 2018

  1. On The Spot – Perbedaan Psikotropika Dan Narkotika
  2. UNODC Fedotov- Message on the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
  3. Seberapa bahaya Narkoba pada kalangan Remaja?
  5. Kandungan Narkoba

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