National Children’s Day

National Children’s Day

Adam Kurniawan Library, President University – National Children’s Day is held all over the world to help children to feel special and in National Children’s Day on Monday, July 23th 2018. This is the perfect time for kids of all ages to get together and take part in a wide range of different types of activities so that they can bond and take a break from the pressures of growing up.

One of the main aims of National Children’s Day is educating people on the importance of a healthy childhood. In addition to providing the little ones with plenty of fun activities, this is also the time to help raise awareness for the need to protect the rights of children so that they can become healthy and happy adults.

Adam Kurniawan Library as the library institution, we also want to celebrate the National Children’s Day. To celebrate it, we already pick some movies clip.. These movies will be shown at Adam Kurniawan Library starting from July 18 to 20. Let’s check out the movie list below :

Wednesday, July 18th 2018

  1. 30.000 feet Above Ground Hari Anak Sedunia 2015
  2. CNN Indonesia – Hari Anak Nasional 2016
  3. Disability and Child Protection – UNICEF
  4. Hari Anak Nasional – Stop Kekerasan Terhadap Anak #HAN_Jogja
  5. UNTUK ADIK KU – Film Pendek

Thursday, July 19th 2018

  2. Hari Anak Nasional Matim 2017
  3. Hari Anak Nasional- Menanamkan Cinta Baca Sejak Dini
  4. Hari Anak Nasional
  5. Would you stop if you saw this little girl on the street – UNICEF

Friday, July 20th 2018

  1. Ini yang Unik – Unik dari Hari Anak Nasional !
  2. KARENA TV KU JADI TAU SEMUA – Nadya Rafika, Rachel Goddard, & Koharo (Musical)
  4. Selamat Hari Anak Nasional

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