Adam Kurniawan Competition

Adam Kurniawan Competition

Hello PresUnivers!

We would like to share Adam Kurniawan Library Event
“Welcoming Readers”, and also have Photo Contest and Writing Competition.

The requirements are:

for Writing Competition✨✨
*This competition just for PresUnivers batch 2018
*Thema “First Impression in Adam Kurniawan Library” and suggestion for Adam Kurniawan Library
*Writing Essay minimum 500 words in A4, Calibri 11, and Space 1,5
*Sent soft copy by doc. or pdf. and sent to our email. (check below)

for Photo Contest✨✨
* Just for batch 2018.
* Take a photo in Adam Kurniawan Library.
* Upload in your IG Account.
* Write your caption “First Impression in Adam Kurniawan Library”.
* Don’t forget put the hashtag.


Obligate to follow our social media
IG : @adam.kurniawan.library
OA Line : @afv3768z
Email :

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