Library Clearance

Library Clearance

We hereby inform you that starting July 23, 2021 for students who have completed their studies and need a Library Clearance Letter but have not submitted their CD to the library, they can send a thesis soft file in pdf form to email with format file name Thesis_Fullname_Student ID number by fulfilling the requirements :

1. The soft file complete with :

    a. Approval Sheet (fully signed)

    b. Originality Sheet (signed) , see attachment

    c. Recommendation Sheet (if any, signed)

    d. Scientific Publication Approval for Accademic Interest (signed) , see attachment

    e. Advisor Approval Sheet for publication in the journal/repository/ proceeding/unpublish 

        (choose one, signed) , see attachment

    f. The results of the turnitin similarity check

2. Return all books and pay library fines if any.

    Form b, d and e can be downloaded through


Thank you.

Adam Kurniawan Library