National Pancasila Day

National Pancasila Day

Adam Kurniawan Library, President University – Do you remember on morning ceremony, whether at school every Monday or Independence Day, we must vocalize all five points of Pancasila? It’s a powerful moment where we always remember what makes Indonesia great and different with other countries.

Indonesian was celebrated the Pancasila Day on June 1st which accorded by Presidential Regulation no. 24 2016. Pancasila is the national principle of Indonesia which was prepared during BPUPKI trial from May 29th – June 1st, 1945. Ir. Soekarno was the first person who mentions name Pancasila as the principle during his speech on June 1st, 1945.

Now, it has been deciding as a national holiday where it celebrate with the flag ceremony. President Jokowi delivers the speech on that day which contains a reminder that because of Pancasila, Indonesia is the hope and referral of the international community in order to build peace, fair, and prosperous world. Therefore, he encourages every community to protect this principle at all cost.

Adam Kurniawan Library as the library institution, we also want to celebrate the National Pancasila Day. To celebrate it, we already pick some movies clip.. These movies will be shown at Adam Kurniawan Library starting from May 28 to 30. Let’s check out the movie list below :

Monday, May 28th 2018

Live Streaming! Presiden Jokowi dalam Upacara Peringatan Hari Lahir Pancasila
Kemlu TV Edisi Sejarah Hari Lahir Pancasila
Kedudukan Pancasila (WKP04)
D’blusukan- Ende, Kota Lahirnya Pancasila #2
Wednesday, May 30rd 2018

Upaya Mempersiapkan Kemerdekaan Melalui BPUPKI (WKS08)
Sejarah Pancasila (WKP01)
Pengamalan nilai-nilai Pancasila (UNIKOM)
Serba-serbi Hari Lahir Pancasila
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